Freedom, Redemption, International Repatriation

Rastafari Clothing and Accessories for the Human Race.

It was the year 2021 and we were looking for a Rastafari owned and operated clothing shop offering inspirational cultural designs celebrating the legacy of King of Kings and African diaspora. We soon realized that it was up to I n I to create what we were searching for! The High Priest, King Emmanuel Charles Edwards did tell us all to "live good in yourself and you shall see God!" Here at Black Dominion we take these words seriously. I n I are on a mission to glorify the mighty legacy of Africa and her children and we do give thanks for your presence here with us! We pray that you will find something that pleases the heart and eye.

Jah is love so let us all love!!🙏🏿

I n I King Selassie I Jah Rastafari 🇪🇹

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